Welcome to Green Thumb to Success. Your probably thinking what am I selling as this site sounds like a opportunity or another mlm program. Well the domain was used for that at one time to promote a product called Areo garden

My indoor garden

and I was excited about that company as it was going directs sales, mlm but shut down before it launched. Spending lots of time building a website and crushed me and the ideas I want to do with this website. So I am back using the same old name but new site. I’m hoping to catch the spirit of others that like to garden and eat the rewards of the crops. My Idea as before was to use Areo garden as and intro to growing in the home and expand outside using different methods. I have owned a green house for seventeen years Thanks to my Mother since she has passed and have not used it very much. The greenhouse was damaged while septic was being repair last year and i failed to fix it and the wind tore it apart. Having been doing research over the years of how I want to set it up to get the most use. I am rebuilding it and would like others to join to help and benefit from the rewards. Through this blog I will break down the process in my posts where I would like to go and how to help others have the same. I am starting a Club, co-op as a community efforts by funding with the blessings of my Mother and find other ways to make it happen.