Working One Garden at a Time!

Let’s Build a Gardening Community in the Southern Utah by working together by putting some Green in Our Backyards!

Let's Grow in Your Yard!

If You have the desire to be part of our group and like to garden, you are invited to see how to get started.

Have you ever wanted to have a garden and didn’t know where to start. Or you have read books to learn and didn’t take action cause your afraid to mess things up. That’s me. Or life is so busy that your time is limited. Or you wanted to do it as a family be build character in your children that can be rewarding to You and Them. Or No Money.

Now I believe there is a easier way to garden becoming part of Our New Club, Co-op whatever we call it. It is not my club I want it to be ours. Wouldn’t be nice having our community working together to put food on our tables and or in our farmers market growing food locally. See I don’t know what this can become. I believe as we grow, share ideas, plan and expand. That our rewards can making gardening a lot easier than we think. This is just the start and I am open to everyone’s ideas to make this happen. Doing this is my way of giving back like my Dear Loving Mom always did.

So how do we start is by using my green house that is being rebuilt now and or take my roto tilller and let start in your own yard. We search out like minded people like us to duplicate this over and over growing different crops and sharing with each other. My goal is to help other have green houses with some ideas I have to raise money with this gardening community. The internet has many ways we can build affordable ways to build Hoop greenhouses in each of our homes or community.

I have done lots of research on different was to grow in a green house and plan to do some vertical gardening in it.  As Vertical  gardening gives maximum results in small areas. More about that here

Our Green House in Cedar City 2016

This greenhouse is Tuff as it has been here for 12 years before an accident caused it to fail.

Your Garden Here

Lets show club members gardens. Come Join Us!

Vertical Gardening

Vertical Gardening allows growing maxiumn amounts in small areas. There are so many ways. We are looking forward to our system coming soon.

I dedicate this website to my Loving Mother

that was always giving to help others.

My Mom always wanted to be self efficient. I was busy for four years and put solar power, water system to 5 acres and planted over 300 trees.  We move cause of medical issues with Mom.My Way of Giving back like my Dear Loving Mom always did.

She bought the greenhouse in Beryl form Bob Bang that has these all over southern Utah. In the image it was in the area left of the quensit hut. We had taken the greenhouse down already and moved to our home here in Cedar City. It went up in 2004 and the plastic lasted over 12 years before it was hit by Tri-hole fixing our septic tank. The rest was damaged from past winds 03/10/2017. Last year we ran water, power and new venting system. We now have new plastic so it will be just like new again.

I am not selling these but I do want to help others get one with different fund raisers or crowd funding to build a community of green houses in Southern Utah.  Or learn form others like yourself to build our own so others can have a longer growing season in your own backyards. Visit our forum and lets discuss more.  Farm TUFF – 20’ x 48’ Master Gardeners and Farmers beware, once you start growing in your Farm Greenhouse and experience the additional yield, ease of production, the freedom from constant weeding, animal intruders, and harsh weather, you will wonder how you ever grew without it! At 960 square feet of growing space and 9.5 feet tall you have plenty of room to grow whatever you want. The Farm TUFF is also a perfect size for multiple families, church groups, or civic organizations to create a community gardening effort. Most Farm TUFF owners start seeing an immediate return on their investment by selling their surplus yield to their community or farmer’s markets.

Farm TUFF – $5,490

Kit Features:
• 960 Sq. Ft. Growing space
• 2 – 30’’ Louvered vent
• 2 – 20” 3 Speed louvered ventilation fan
• 1-1/2” Square tube galvanized steel frame
• 36” x 84” Door with window
•  Steel anchor posts
• All end framing (coated 2×4)
• All baseboards (coated 2×4)
• 2 Layers inflated commercial grade U.V. treated 6mil. Poly Plastic with 4 year warranty
• Inflator fan & bracket
• End covering- 10mil, nylon reinforced poly plastic
• Poly lock wiggle wire system attaches covering to greenhouses.
• All screws, nuts and bolts • Color step by step construction plans

Available options:

•Automation – Motorized vent opener, thermostat controls vent and fan.
•Choose clear or white (45% shade) poly plastic included in kit.
•Shade cloth, seasonal top cover. Tan (70%)
•Add 6’ (up to 20’ x 60’) Greenhouses are designed to be built directly on level ground, with water and electrical power nearby.
Pictures may not depict current model

We would like to have meeting at the Cedar City library once a month and find ways to expand our group. Anyone can be a member for free. One of my ideas is to have a dues that will go 100% to buying more greenhouses. Visit forum and lets discuss ideas and meet each other and make things happen.

This is a public calendar for anyone to see. Invite others to attend our monthly meetings, our projects or community events.

This is a contact me form so I may answer any of your upfront questions you may have.. You will not receive emails from me until you join as a member. Or Join our Forum and get to know us there.

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Contact Us

Visit our Forum, email or call. Since I work from my home all I ask is tho contact me before stopping in. I am happy to meet you and give you a tour and answer and question you may have. More inportant let get growing at your place.  Sincerely  Darryl Stewart


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